A bit about me:

I am a 64 year old writer in Kingston, Canada. My writing schedule can be a bit demanding at times but thank heaven there is no stress. I think I look pretty relaxed. Don't you? 

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Here are some more pics of me.

I used to work in a very exhausting high pressure job that usually left me feeling pretty ragged by the end of the day. Much like this:


Boy, am I glad I'm not working there anymore!

When I am not working I like to consider myself to be a Wanderer/ Astronomer/ Philosopher/Poet and maybe a bit of a Mystic. Well that might be a bit much, but what it boils down to is that I love to travel, both in body and in mind. I am fascinated by everything I see. I need to know how it all comes together in the grand scheme of things, and I end up writing about how it makes me feel.

I enjoy writing. As well as getting my poetry ready for publishing I have the ingredients for several novels in mind. The first is already a quarter of the way to completion. But I'm not going to cause myself too much stress. I'm going to take the time to visit a little bit of heaven along the way.

Heaven, for me, is hiking along a lonely windswept mountain ridge, or wandering an ocean beach with the surf lapping gently at my feet. Seventh heaven is a place where the mountains rise directly from the sea and fall back again like the waves. The world is a place of mystery and magic. I find all places keep the flavour of their history. And being there I will sense the presence of all that has gone on before, or will yet be. Hence I become the wanderer and the poet. But I also have my practical side, and as a scientist I am fascinated by how the universe works in all its complexity. I am always in a search for the answer to the question. And each thing I see adds a myriad of questions to my list.

Here is my poem that expresses heaven best:


         ECHO'S CRY
I've traveled far in search
of the place the world would end.
But found instead
a place of magic mountains
holding up the sky.

And there amid the magic
I heard my echo cry,
for walking in the mountains
I found and touched the sky!

Come and find that place with me,
it isn't hard to try
and there you too will find the magic
and hear your echo cry.
For as we walk into the mountains
you will find and touch the sky!

From a more practical viewpoint: I live with my girlfriend Donna just outside Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I have a 37 year old daughter, Sarah and a grandson, Gage, who live nearby in Kingston. She was too much like me to get along with her mom, so we've tended to stick together over the years. Gage is now 16 years old and quite the young man. I have two other children, Elizabeth, and Andrew. They went with their mother in Ottawa so I haven't had much opportunity to see them very often. Andrew and Elizabeth are back in contact with me now and that makes me very happy. Elizabeth has four lovely daughters, Svetlana, Alexandra, Katriana and Cassandra. I am very pleased to know my granddaughters.

As you can probably tell I am no longer married. I managed to blow that ship out of the water twenty some odd years ago. It has been quite an adjustment since then. My ex and I don't even talk to each other anymore. That's too bad. It's not the way I wanted things to be. But I now have a new circle of friends and I'm getting on with life.

Well, enough for now. If you want to know more you'll just have to drop me a line on that email thing.