Windows of my Soul


Poetry by Stephen Craig

The long search for love and meaning in the world. Come with me into a world of romance, passion and magic.

I once wrote: "These poems were written to a woman I have yet to meet. When she reads them, she will know. When she responds I will know."
Well, Donna responded and now I know!

                  Dreams                              Guardian                                Volcano
               The Stuff of Dreams                            Love's Guardian                                   Ashes of my Soul

                  Shores                            Adam                             Footprints
              The Shores of the Sun                       The Left Hand of God                      The Beaches of my Heart  
                Mirror                         Heart                            Lake
                 Mirrors of my Soul                           Heart of my Desire                                 Time's Drifting

                                            Seascape                            Horizon
                                              The Beginning                                   Horizons of my Life

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A Poem for Penny

copyright 1968 - 2009 by Stephen Craig

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